Dog Potty Training Problems: The Best Effective Solution

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Do you have problem with your dog about potty and poops? Do you need some basic solution for more effective potty training your dog?

Dog Potty Training Problems: The Best Effective Solution

We, dog owners, undergo dog potty training problems. We want our dogs to understand us when and where it is appropriate to eliminate their waste. And that is the problem. It is the barrier of communication, the lack of understanding. Dogs have a certain motto and that is “If I have to then I will do it.” That is why when they are sleepy, they sleep and when they want to eat, they look for food. Simple, right? That also goes for elimination. If they want to eliminate then they just eliminate not caring for when and where. We want to change that and make them be disciplined. And with these key elements in potty training methods, we can achieve the communication we want with our dogs.

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First element is the confinement. Dogs need to be confined in order to facilitate the easiest potty training. They could be confined in a crate or cage. You don’t have to put blankets or any clothing inside the cage because dogs have the tendency to destroy it. The cage must be wide and large so that dogs will be encouraged to sleep at one end and then to eliminate at the other. This is the basic potty training method. They have to know which place is appropriate for a certain activity.

Training. If you want your dogs to be trained, it is important to have a leash on them so that you can control and supervise everything that happens. If you feel they want to eliminate, you can take them near the garbage for them to eliminate. This way the dogs will know where it is appropriate to eliminate so whenever they have to eliminate, they just go the area where it is appropriate. Some people teach them words. This is also effective. You can teach them “potty” whenever they want to pee. They will eventually understand the word and in time every time you say “potty”, they will just bark then go outside to pee. Same goes in defecation.

Last key element is praise. Dogs need to be praised. In this way they will know that what they have done is right and appropriate. Whenever they have eliminated in the appropriate place and time, praise them. You can give them food or give a high five. Anything that will show that you appreciated what they have done. If you praise them constantly, they will eventually know that whenever they eliminate, this place and this time is the appropriate one.

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They say dogs are man’s best friend. This is true. With the appropriate training, they can just be a person like us. And this potty training is the first step. You just need to be patient sometimes. They are just like babies needed to be trained. It requires patience and will.

And with the elements mentioned above all along with your patience and will, your dog potty training problems will just be a piece of cake.


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