Dog Hairstyles To Make Your Pet Look Cool

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Are you looking for a cool hairstyle for your dog? Get a list of the coolest dog hairstyle.

The dog hairstyles have become a necessity these days as people are becoming more style conscious and have began taking care of their dogs like their own child. From the dog’s clothing to hairstyle everything is taken care of by the dog owners and they seem to associate their dogs with the style statement. With people growing so conscious about their pets a number of hairstylist have also sprung up who exclusively provide a new look to your dogs. Not only that you can browse online and find tips regarding what kind of hairstyle will suit your dog and also how to take extra care of the pet.

With a range of dog hairstyles available it may be a little confusing task to choose the perfect hairstyle for your dog. So here is a brief guide that will be helpful to make you aware about the different kinds of hairstyles available and depending on your dog you can select the appropriate one.

Coolest Types of Dog Hairstyles

English Saddle

 This can be perfect for the dog breed and is considered as the most stylish kind of dog hairstyles. In this kind, the face, neck and feet are clipped very short and left of the portion is left longer.

English Saddle


Like its name the hairstyle sounds stylish itself. It is somewhat similar to the English saddle look but in this kind of hairstyle the hind legs are cut very short and created a unique front heavy effect for your dogs. This is easier and a common type of dog hairstyles that many dog owners would love to adopt.

Puppy Clip

This is somewhat rare kind of hairstyle and many less people want to adopt it. The face, neck, feet is cut very short and also rest of the fur is left dense thick and shabby.

Puppy Clip

Lion Cut

As the name suggest the hairstyle provides the dog a look of the jungle king lion and is popular these days for its entire unique look. The body is clipped short but the hairs around face and the neck remains thick and dense like a Lion. This can be perfect for the dogs that have dense and tightly curled furs.

Lion Cut


This can be suitable dog hairstyles for any kind of dog that possess the long and grown hairs. No clippings are required and just bunching and making a pony or tying the hairs. The look makes the dog neat and tidy.

Top Knot

These are some of the most popular and common forms of dog hairstyles that you can opt for without getting further confused.


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